The conference halls of the hotel are unique sites having developed and modern facilities which own complete equipments and appropriate spaces which make the hotel able to hold national and international conferences in every level and with different subjects including scientific, cultural, social, economic, artistic etc. 
The suitable and grand space of holding conferences along with the general space of the hotel with residential units, service units and ceremonial units provide a soothing feeling for the conference holders and directors of national and international conferences, so that they are able to plan for the context and format of their conference free from current concerns and challenges; and this way they can avoid time-consuming and wasteful details. 
A hundred and sixty residential units constructed as magnificent rooms, general space and pleasurable yard with green and colorful spaces, gigantic lobby with a soothing and open pattern, open and roofed parking lots with remarkable capacity, 4 amphitheater saloons, two conference halls for big crowds, one seminar hall for smaller crowds and exhibition space, have all extremely assured directors of conferences - including national and international - to be able to lead the process of their plans freely. 
Executives of the hotel have always gotten use of this coordination and appropriateness to fulfill the needs and satisfaction of you and in order to preserve this valuable thing they quit no attempt. 
Furthermore, experienced staffs, modern equipments, comfortable seats, appropriate geometry, architecture and plans, pretty decoration, excellent construct and everything which can satisfy you has been devised. After holding your conference, assuredly you will become interested in holding your next conferences in Pardisan.