The Amphitheatre

Pardisan is a suitable place for your conferences. We can provide you with necessary facilities and confident environment, so that you succeed in your devised plans.  
The amphitheater is located in the western side of main lobby of Pardisan hotel; in an exclusive space and separated from other departments of the hotel. The guests including invited ones and inviters of the conferences also especial guests, can use this exclusive space for participating in conferences or visiting especial exhibitions free from any concern or complexity; this unique feature provides us and you this opportunity to be able to hold several conferences and gatherings simultaneously. 
The dimension of saloons and decoration of furniture creates you the possibility of dominance, observation and purposeful presence; also the equipments of audio visual unit including equipments of presenting films, images, voices, data and other presentation requirements along with separated control room equipped with standard technology, all can turn your gathering  into a memorable and satisfactory time. 


The capacity of the conference halls: 300 persons
The height from the base to the ceiling of the halls: 10 meters 
Direct availability and contact to the lobby and general or serving spaces
Ventilation system, cooling and heating of fresh air
An acoustic environment equipped with auditory and visual facilities
Tel: 05138791820-177